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July 1, 2010

Du gains access to Etisalats network
The telecommuni-cations operator du is set to gain access to the network of its rival Etisalat within weeks, ushering in a fresh wave of competition in the phone, internet and television market.


Mar 4, 2010

TRA approves TDIC network for Saadiyat
The Telecommuni-cation Regulatory Authority (TRA) says it has no objection to the installation and rollout of a fixed telecommunication network on Saadiyat Island by TDIC based on Rynton's recommendations for a Unified Physical Infrastructure.


Contact Centers


Where IT and telecommunication technology grows together: From IP Telephony and Unified Communications to Communications-enabled Business Processes.

Contact centres – as the heart and soul of many clients CRM solution – are where differentiation is brought to the end consumer. Contact centres today are the domain where IT and telecommunication infrastructures merge first. Telecommunication infrastructure is becoming “just another application” in the new IP telephony world.

contact center
These contact centre solutions represent complex and sensible ecosystems of infrastructure and applications that include telephony, computer-telephony-integration, interactive voice response, voice recording, quality management, workforce management systems, and last but not least the integration of the whole solution into business applications and business processes. 

Overall, there is a quiet evolution of substantial magnitude occurring around all of us, with the significance of the likes of customer relationship management (CRM) and ERP; the evolution has been termed unified communications (UC). This change has been fueled by the need to increase customer satisfaction/loyalty and improve corporate efficiencies while creating a competitive advantage.


UC is fundamental to a broader initiative called communications-enabled business processes (CEBP). We believe contact center applications will lead the way to the successful implementation of enterprise unified communications, which will produce the efficiencies of CEBP. For the contact center Rynton sees a trend that corporations will push their IT staff to use the foundation of the contact center applications to implement enterprisewide unified communications in order to gain a competitive edge in their highly competitive markets. While the fundamental applications are available, Rynton advices clients to focus on the significant challenges which are organizational changes and broader IT infrastructure required to support the applications.