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July 1, 2010

Du gains access to Etisalats network
The telecommuni-cations operator du is set to gain access to the network of its rival Etisalat within weeks, ushering in a fresh wave of competition in the phone, internet and television market.


Mar 4, 2010

TRA approves TDIC network for Saadiyat
The Telecommuni-cation Regulatory Authority (TRA) says it has no objection to the installation and rollout of a fixed telecommunication network on Saadiyat Island by TDIC based on Rynton's recommendations for a Unified Physical Infrastructure.


Intelligent City


Smart. Smarter. Intelligent. 


While "IT" and "telecom" sectors are merging, new capabilities can be leveraged by exploring overall ICT solutions. Especially in community or city developments, ICT can make the difference by creating environments that are smart, smarter or even intelligent.


Smart Cities and Smarter Cities are most popular, currently. But what does "Smart" mean? Is there a concept behind the marketing of becoming "Smart" or "Smarter"? Rynton goes back to the concept of Intelligent Environments and has shown in several city developments that bringing intelligent systems and devices into real world solutions makes the difference. Intelligent City

Here, Intelligent Environments describe physical environments in which information and communication technologies and sensor systems disappear as they become embedded into physical objects, infrastructures, and the surroundings in which we live, travel, and work. Although the concept is more than 10 years old, the development of technology towards convergent IP networks has become a strong enabler and the time to realize these vision of intelligence is now. 

Rynton Technology Consultants has been built upon three pillars to best support their customers and help customer to get into pool position in the new ICT world: 

Intelligent City Consulting: as the starting point for large enterprises and master developers is one ICT strategy which sets the basis for a service-oriented solution design of the real intelligent environment. 

Intelligent City Design: Technology design based on our clients´ ICT strategy. where IT- and telecom-related elements are integrated into one joint ICT solution and the concept of Unified Physical Infrastructure is leveraged to integrate not only IT & telecoms, but also security and building manegement services. 

Intelligent City Program Management: the outcome of complex projects is strongly influenced by how the project or program is managed throughout the different stages. Rynton´s professional program management services ensure a consistent approach throughout all project phases. Disruptions between different phases are prevented and project stakeholders will get at the end what they asked for at the beginning!